Speakers, Subs, and Amps

Many stereo systems that come from the factory not the highest quality, and the sound often distorts when you turn up the volume. We have a wide selection of speakers to choose from to help increase sound quality from muffled and distorted to crystal clear music. No matter what your budget is, we can help get your speakers replaced with those that have better sound quality. If you’re looking for some added bump to the bass, we have subwoofers and enclosures for every vehicle application. If you need something to handle the added power from your sound system, we offer amplifiers for different ranges of power. We take care of everything from designing your new sound system to complete installation and sound tuning.

Please note that product recommendations are dependent on your budget and what you are looking for out of your sound system. We highly recommend calling or making an appointment to meet with our sales staff about putting together the perfect surround system for your vehicle.