Cameras and Sensors

Vehicle safety is more important than ever!

Dash cameras and back up cameras have become extremely popular with new vehicles on the road today. Having one or even both systems can help increase your safety and visibility on the road. We can freshly install or even upgrade your existing camera system.

Dash cameras help monitor what goes on in front and around your vehicle. You can choose how often you would like the camera running, from all the time to only while the vehicle is powered and running. There are a variety of options available for every vehicle application, including types of cameras and different mounting locations. To find the perfect dashboard camera for you, contact us and make an appointment to get a precise price quote.

Back up cameras and parking sensors help increase your vehicle’s safety while parking. We can easily upgrade the vehicle’s current camera for one that has better video quality. Or, we can install a brand new system if your vehicle does not have a back up camera system already. If you do not have an existing system, you can choose from the systems we offer where you would like your camera placed, where you would like your video (aftermarket rear view mirror video or headunit video), how many parking sensors you would like (if applicable) and we will handle all the wire running and hook up. We test every camera and parking system for errors before you get your vehicle back to ensure installation and service quality. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is requiring all new vehicles to be equipped with a backup camera starting in 2018.

Pricing for products and installation times vary depending on vehicle. Please contact us to book an appointment so we can choose the right systems for you, at the right price.

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