Coastline Motorsport will provide you with many options when picking out your stereo headunit, take a look at the differences below:

Digital Media Receivers: These headunits are great for those who don’t need the CD player feature in their vehicle. With Bluetooth, auxiliary and USB outputs, you can easily hook up your smartphone and listen to your music library. These receivers can fit any budget, from a simple, economically priced unit to ones with operating systems and a touchscreen.

CD Receivers: The only difference between the digital media and CD receiver is simple, the ability to play CDs. These receivers are also very budget friendly, fitting almost any vehicle application. Technology in cars is changing, and so are the entertainment systems. Vehicles are beginning to come from the factory without CD players. We have done conversions to allow the vehicle to play CDs, but the application list is small since the technology is so new. Please contact us for pricing and availability for your vehicle.

GPS Navigation Receivers: These headunit systems are very similar to the DVD receivers as they have digital touch screens and have audio and video capabilities. However, the GPS receivers specialize in navigation programs. With almost 8 million points-of-interest, three languages, and coverage throughout North America, these receivers are perfect for businesses or travelers. Some options for these headunits also have Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Apple CarPlay: Apple has taken the world by storm with its iPhone, and now you can have Siri help you keep your eyes on the road. Apple CarPlay is an operating system on new receivers that allows operation of messages, calls, and directions through your headunit without touching your phone! This operating system is compatible with iPhone 5 or newer, as long as you are at least running iOS 7.1. Apple currently offers this OS with vehicles from 24 different manufacturers and over 110 models. With the new receivers available from Pioneer, Alpine, and Kenwood, the application list for this system is much longer. Call us for more information.

Android Auto: The current statistic of Android to Apple smartphone users is 4-to-1. Because of this, Apple CarPlay is definitely not for everyone, however, Android is offering a system very similar to Apple’s. Google Now allows users to view their incoming messages and reply, choose the music they want, use Google Maps for navigation to get where you need to go. One feature that seperates Google Now compared to CarPlay is that Google makes suggestions based on incoming messages, habits, and recent searches, such as directions, weather information, travel information, and more. The only smartphone requirement that needs to be met to run this system is to run Android Lollipop (5.0). Most DVD/GPS receivers have options for Android Auto, just give us a call to see what works with your vehicle.