Headlight Bulbs and Accessory Light Kits

Headlights: Most vehicles on the road today came from the factory with halogen bulbs, however, they have a low light output and burn out faster than other options available today.  HID (high-intensity discharge) bulbs are an electrical-gas discharge type bulb involving plasma that produces a high light output. However, HID bulbs produce a lot of heat, draw a lot of power, and are highly recommended only for projector applications as regular lamps can blind oncoming drivers compared to LEDs. LEDs (or light-emitting diode bulbs) are today’s best automotive light technology. They produce a high light output with very high electrical efficiency, low power draw and low heat production. Recently, HID bulbs have become standard equipment from the factory, and the best upgrades offered are with quality LEDs.  

Light Kits: Looking to change the lighting in your interior? What about external floor lighting, under door sills, side steps, and mirrors? Underglow. We can help! Coastline offers colored LEDs from basic bulb replacement to custom LED bar installation. We can custom order your kit to fit your vehicle application while staying in your budget. We only offer quality headlight kits, interior kits, and LED conversion kits. Contact us with your vehicle application for more information.