Paint Services

Faded paint? Want to paint color match body panels? What about custom painted wheels? We offer a wide number of painting services from changing the color of your emblems to changing the color of your entire car.
Paint color matching: When it comes to repainting or painting replacement body parts, many shops take your vehicle’s color code and respray the parts without matching the fade that may have happened over the years of the vehicle being on the road. This can cause the freshly painted panels to appear a different shade than the rest of your vehicle. We will match the exact shade on your vehicle on the pieces you desire to get painted. Aftermarket bumpers, side skirts, wheels, brake calipers, the possibilities are endless.
Custom Wheel Painting: Is there a certain wheel color design you want that’s not offered as a regular finish? We can help! We offer rim striping, color alternating spokes, any custom color or multi-colored design you have in your mind. You bring the design, and we’ll make it come to life.
Changing Body/Part Color: Tired of your car’s color? Want your emblems a special color? Have a desire to change certain parts of your vehicle to a unique color from the rest? We offer paint as well as vinyl options for changing body and body panel color. Contact us with your ideas along with your budget and we’ll help design your vehicle to your custom style. We handle everything from disassembly to prep all the way to re-installation.

We highly recommend making an appointment at our shop with your vehicle to talk about your paint ideas so we can precisely quote you. Contact us via email, or call us at (818)222-8881.