Prior Design Kits Released for Audi & McLaren!

Full Carbon & Widebody Kits from Prior Design

PD800WB Widebody Aerodynamic Package for Audi R8

The Audi R8 is arguably one of the worlds most recognized and beloved supercars. From the high revving V10 to the renowned Audi Quattro-AWD system, this vehicle embodies the word “supercar”. But what happens when all of that isn’t quite enough? The Prior Design PD800WB brings Tony Stark’s wildest dreams to life. A full widebody package, with front bumper, front lip, vented hood, side skirts, fenders, rear bumper, diffusor, and more to maximize downforce.

PD1 Aerodynamic Package for McLaren 570s

From one of the most innovative supercar manufacturers to date, comes an earth shaking, record shattering, and head turning ride: Boasting a twin-turbocharged 562HP V8 engine, attached to a lightning quick 7 speed Dual Clutch transmission, supercar is propelled to 60 miles an hour in a head spinning 2.9 seconds. So, could it get any better? Prior Deisgn thinks so. That’s why the PD1 Full Carbon Aero kit was created. This aerodynamic package gives the already stunning McLaren 570 an even more commanding road presence, and significantly improves handling as well as downforce.  This vehicle is also equipped with our PD3 3 piece, Superlight Forged wheels.

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