Steering Wheels

The Steering Wheel: A Driver’s Most Important Part

When is comes to vehicle customization, it is not uncommon to see aesthetic changes on the outside. On the inside, performance is done with mechanical changes like suspension and engine tuning, but more often than not, you will see a stock steering wheel. The steering wheel is the most used part by drivers, so why not change it to suit your driving needs? Afterall, factory steering wheels are made to cater to everyone, and no one is the same.


Coastline Motorsport is a dealer and installer for a number of different steering wheel companies, including Grant, MAcarbon, Momo, T Sportline, and more. Swapping your steering wheel can change the entire feel of the car for the driver. There are steering wheels suited for long distance driving, drifting, track, small drivers, bigger drivers, and of course, daily drivers. There are also a number of options for steering wheel material and finish, such as wood grain, leather, suede, and others. Changing your steering wheel is the easiest way to enhance your driving comfort, whether you desire strong vehicle response or care for something more easy for road trips.
There are some things to consider if you’re thinking of changing your steering wheel. It is not uncommon for aftermarket steering wheels to require a special airbag for fitment, or delete the driver’s side airbag altogether. In addition, if your vehicle has steering wheel controls, there is a possibility of losing them. It’s something to keep in mind when deciding what kind of steering wheel is right for you. Whether you want carbon fiber, colored leather, or something a little more simple, we can help find the perfect steering wheel for you.

If an aftermarket steering wheel is not for you, we have another option. We also offer re-upholstery for your current steering wheel. Here, we can add padding, or just simply change the material to something more comfortable when you drive. This is a great option for those who want to a simple, custom steering wheel solution where you don’t have the possibility of losing your airbag or driver controls. Contact us for more information and styling options.