Aftermarket Suspension

No matter what your dream suspension build is, we can bring it to life. We work with everything from lowering springs to lift kits, including coilovers, airbags, leveling kits, adjustable camber and toe equipment, anti-roll bars and endlinks, and more. We will find the perfect setup for your vehicle’s application. Take a look at some of photos of the lift kits and lowering kits we’ve installed on client’s vehicles. Descriptions of suspension types are listed below.

Suspension types:

Springs: The suspension from the factory is usually very soft and prone to chassis roll, or body roll, which means less driver control. Performance springs replace your factory¬†springs in your vehicle’s suspension. Stiffening the springs and lowering the vehicle decreases the limitations of your vehicle on turns and lowering the vehicle’s center of gravity, allowing for more driver control. Springs are also offered for offroad applications to withstand aggressive terrain better than factory springs as well.

Coilovers: Coilover kits completely replace the shocks, struts, and springs of your vehicle’s suspension. The new coilover shock/strut and spring assembly is much stronger and stiffer, which means the vehicle’s limitations are decreased even more and control in the corners is even greater. Because of how stiff the suspension becomes with this installation, ride comfort does get sacrificed, so coilovers are usually recommended for track use. The other advantage to coilover suspension is height adjustability, unlike springs. That means you can slam your vehicle to the ground, or keep it at stock height without sacrificing the suspension’s performance. Coilover assemblies are also offered for lifting trucks and SUVs.

Air Bags: Air bag suspension is a great option for those who are looking for quick ride adjustability at the push of a button. Air bags are installed at each corner of the vehicle, replacing the stock shocks/struts and springs. An air compressor with air lines are ran to each of the bags and are also connected to a controller, which is the device the driver uses for height adjustment. With coilovers, height adjustment can only be made with the wheels off the car, and may even require more disassembly, so for some, air bag suspension may be more convenient, especially in flooded areas or construction zones.

Roll Bars and Strut Bars: These bars stiffen the chassis and make it stronger, less prone to rolling over. Cornering becomes easier and more controlled. On front wheel drive applications, vehicles are more prone to understeer, so stiffening the rear of the vehicle will help stabilize it better in turns. On rear wheel drive applications, vehicles are more prone to oversteer, so stiffening the front of the vehicle will help stabilize it better in turns. We offer roll bars and strut bars for many vehicle applications. Contact us for more information.

Camber and Toe Equipment: When vehicles are lowered or raised, adjustability with camber and toe can become sacrificed when you need to align your vehicle properly. We offer camber kits and toe kits that can allow even more adjustability for desired alignment than factory equipment. Camber plates and camber arms allow wheels to be adjusted on a vertical axis, changing the wheel angle. Toe arms and other toe equipment allow wheels to be adjusted on a horizontal axis, changing the direction the tire tread faces the road.

Contact us for more information about options for your vehicle.