Wheel Finishing

There are a few different options available for wheel refinishing:


Powdercoating wheels have become more popular due to the durability of the finish compared to regular paint. In addition, the color can be much more vibrant depending on the color you choose. We offer both Cardinal and Prismatic powdercoating options in over 150 colored finishes. Pricing depends on the desired finish as well as the current condition of the wheels. Call us with your vehicle application and desired color for more information.

Wheel Striping:

Only want certain parts of your wheel finished differently? We can do that too, from rim striping down to color alternating spokes. Two tone, three tone, custom striping and design are all done with paint. Any dream wheel finish design in your head, we will bring to life.

Chrome Plating:

Interested in that classic mirror finish for your vehicle? We offer chrome plating on wheels, grilles, bumpers, the list goes on. The process takes much longer than powdercoating due to the stages of preparation and finishing, however the end result looks absolutely flawless. Contact us for more information.


As stated before, powdercoat tends to be more resistant to scratching and flaking over time. However, there are some custom, vibrant color options powdercoat can’t match. Paint refinishing offers endless options for wheel finishing as we can match or create any color you desire. Two tone, wheel striping, and color matching are all done with paint.

Note: Any wheel refinishing services will vary on price depending on the current condition of the wheel. Any curb rash or damage will be repaired prior to the wheels being refinished.