Home Entertainment in Your Car!

Phoenix 7 Headrest Tablets

Home Entertainment in Your Car!

Rear Seat Entertainment is back and newer than ever!

For years consumers have been offered the same outdated Rear Seat Entertainment systems, whether it is the same old DVD headrest system or the DVD overhead system. In a world where technology is growing and changing at a rapid pace, a simple DVD player just doesn’t cut it anymore. Vizualogic became conscious of this and decided to make a tremendous difference. After much research and development, they pulled off what most people think would be impossible, “The Phoenix 7”. Vizualogic is the first company ever to take a Dual DVD Headrest System and integrate removable Android Tablets as the screens. Having a Removable tablet headrest system that can also play DVDs eliminates those limitations that most other systems provide.

            The Phoenix 7 offers two High Definition(1280 X 800) Android Tablets that dock and charge into the patented Perfect Match™ headrests that fit seamlessly into your vehicle. With a rich history in automotive interior, Vizualogic takes pride in providing the highest quality headrest with that seamless OEM fit. While docked in the headrest, these tablets lock into place for a safe and enjoyable experience, unlike a traditional tablet holder that straps onto the seat and can become danger in an accident. For all vehicles with active headrest restraints they have their PerfectMatch™ Active solution custom made to match the factory interior right down to the stitch.

Wi-Fi is now more prevalent than ever, so much so that new car manufacturers are building it in all their vehicles as an available option. With Wi-Fi capabilities, passengers can now sync their Phoenix 7 tablets up to the vehicle’s onboard Wi-Fi or to a Mobile Hot Spot on their phone. This in turn lets them be connected to the internet and access the Google Play Store to download all the apps that they already know and love. Passengers can video stream their favorite movies and TV shows off of popular streaming apps such as Netflix or YouTube. In addition, they can play their favorite gaming apps or stay connected to all of their friends and family on the different social media platforms. With a front and back camera, passengers can Skype or video chat with grandma and grandpa on the road.

The Phoenix 7 includes 2 Full Android tablets with 3 different internal memory size options: 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB (SD card slot for ability to upgrade memory up to 32GB). 2 Perfect Match™ Headrests, which match your factory headrest. With every kit there are 2 IR Headphones, 2 leather carrying cases, 2 zipper style ear bud headphones, and 2 home chargers. Optional accessories are Bluetooth headphone or the highly recommended Phoenix Mini and Phoenix One Bluetooth gaming controllers.


With only a few options out there for Rear Seat entertainment, remember to choose the one the fits your needs. Stay connected with Vizualogic’s Phoenix 7 System, where your options to entertain your passengers are endless. Visit their website at www.vizualogicdirect.com.