New MOMO Steering Wheels

New MOMO Steering Wheels

Introducing the California Hertitage Wheel. The sixth release of the MOMO heritage line, where MOMO’s past meets the present.

The Heritage California steering wheel is the latest release of the MOMO Heritage Line, and features a design reminiscent of MOMO’s early Ferrari and Porsche designs. The California incorporates black leather grip with white stitching and back finger grooves. Signature polished spokes, and includes the iconic “stacked” MOMO logo.

Black leather grip with white stitching and back finger grooves. Signature polished spokes.

Introducing the carbon fiber MOMO Prototipo 6C steering wheel.

This new Prototipo features spokes wrapped in genuine carbon fiber and uses premium quality leather for the grip. The hides are individually selected from only the best suppliers to ensure they meet MOMO standards. The Motorsport stitching also illustrates the craftsmanship that goes into the MOMO Prototipo 6C steering wheel, contributing to the exclusive finish and feel of this item.

Wrapped in genuine carbon fiber and uses premium quality leather for grip.

Introducing the Montecarlo Alcantara.

One of MOMO’s most traditional and longest lasting designs, the Montecarlo steering wheel is now available with Alcantara ® grip.

Like many MOMO products, the increased interest in classic and resto-mod
sports cars has driven a resurgence of interest in its classic MOMO designs. As aresult, MOMO has added a black Alcantara ® grip option to the existing leather grip for the Montecarlo. It is available on both the 320mm and 350mm diameter options. The steering wheel can be further customized by choosing black stitching and black horn push or red stitching and red horn push.

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