Get Bluetooth Connectivity with Your OEM Radio!

Get Bluetooth Connectivity with Your OEM Radio!

Since Bluetooth is a relatively newer technology, many vehicles manufactured before 2013 came with radios that did not offer ways to connect your mobile phone to your headunit. Because of this, most consumers were usually forced to change out their radio headunit altogether for a new one has Bluetooth capability. Well, we at Coastline are here to tell you there is now an alternative solution.

A new radio interface device as been released by Crux Interfacing to help consumers get the Bluetooth audio streaming they need without having the costly expense of replacing the entire radio. This OEM radio add-on has the following features:

  • Adds Bluetooth Handsfree Calling to the OEM radio.
  • Adds 4 channel Bluetooth Music streaming to the OEM Radio.
  • Maintains the use of the factory XM radio, if equipped.
  • Automatically pauses BT Streaming when a call is received, and resumes when the call is ended.
  • Allows user to answer, end calls track up and track down using the steering wheel controls.
  • DSP and Echo-Cancellation allows for clear conversations on both sides of the phone call.
  • Automatically mutes any source as soon as a call is received, and resumes when call is ended.
  • Allows any previously paired mobile phone to automatically re-connect to the Bluetooth interface.
  • Fully retains OnStar functionality (if applicable).
  • Hear Navigation App voice prompts from the factory speakers while in Bluetooth mode.
  • Magnetic Phone Mount Included

This radio add-on is only available for select models. For questions regarding pricing and availability, please contact our sales staff.

Coastline Motorsport is an official dealer and installer for Crux Interfacing.